Prepare, mighty Valhallian Warriors, to enter the sacred temple of the Thunderground.

Immersed in the rich tapestry of trees, surrounded by ancient and worthy warriors of Valhalla’s past, this colossal wooden fortress is home to the shrine where the Gods bang their hammers in celebration of festival, friendship, and fiery frequencies.

On your pilgrimage to the Thunderground, you will be guided by four immense glowing towers alongside the fortress. These towers, amplifying the static frequencies in the air, will send you signals of vibrant rays of light so powerful that they can be seen from kilometres away, with a booming PK Sound system that will send tremors through lands near and far.

The Thunderground is the heart of Valhalla, delivering non-stop drops of seismic proportions. This epicentre of energy is home to some of hypest artists in the bass music game and further offers various sorts of fire & dance performances you won’t want to miss. The legendary stories of the Thunderground will live on forever in those who experience its musical madness firsthand. Come and be a part of it.

Enter the glory of Thunderground, Quebec’s iconic altar of bass music worship


We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now

Warriors of Valhalla are no strangers to Sea life, whether it be in calm tides or crashing waves. But sometimes, even Warriors need to pull into port and ease into the party. The Drakkar offers a refreshing deluge of talent, performances, and lives acts. Day or night, shore up on the sandy lands of the Drakkar.

As Valhalla’s newest addition, the Drakkar has sailed back into the port for its third year. Crafted by the finest Valhallian carpenters, this man-made monument is completely constructed from trees and tree trunks, (and a whole lot of love), sourced locally from the bountiful forests of the Valhalla site. Built to last, the Drakkar can weather any storm. Equipped with renowned 40hz Sound, the Drakkar crashes through the waves with a massive sea of vibrations.



Keeping your finger on the buzzing pulse of the Hive is a challenging but rewarding task.


Hidden within the forest of Valhalla, this psychedelic sanctuary is home to diverse soundscapes and vibes, at once contrasting and complementing what’s going down at the Thunderground and the Drakkar. Complete with kaleidoscope foliage and multi colored ornaments, the Hive is a playground of multisensory experiences, kept cool by the trees and awesome people that surround it. If you’re looking to tune in and check out, escape down the rabbit hole to a 360 degree decorated magical forest, and reconnect with your body, your mind, and the bass.

Teeming with activity day and night, the Hive stage is a collaborative space where busy bees can dance to the beat or take a break, all the while enjoying each other and the futuristic fairy lights.