Tout a commencé quand...

Valhalla Sound Circus (VSC) is a cultural event where free expression and community combines with big bass and even better vibes. The product? A singular event with live musical performances, collaborative visual art installations, and the aim of unifying and strengthening the bass music community to create a truly magical experience.

Since its’ inception in 2012, Valhalla Sound Circus has been obsessed with synthesizing art, music, adventure, partying, and a dash of surprise, in new and unexpected ways. Tucked away inside the beautiful forests of Quebec, Valhalla is a space that allows you to reconnect with nature, friends, and decibel shattering sound systems.

Over the years, Valhalla has transformed from a simple festival to a pilgrimage

What started off as an idea has blossomed into a spectacular collective of like-minded people with the sole purpose of sharing their love of music, moments, and magic. Months of planning and designing distilled into a singular moment of creative expression that is multisensory, immersive, and meaningful. The coming together of a community that has shown, year after year, that individuality is best celebrated together under the stars and on the dancefloor.

Valhalla is a moment: in time, or out of it. A space where the only thing out of the question is the ordinary.

You are invited! Shake off the everyday, and come back to where Valhalla is waiting for YOU!