VSC 2019 RV Camping Passes are finally available !

Motorized camping on site *limited supply*

RV pRIME Zone 1

$200 taxes included + service charge

2 minutes from Festival

5 minutes from Viking Tavern (Vendors & Kiosks)

9 minutes from the Lake


$160 taxes included + service charge

15 minutes from Festival

18 minutes from Viking Tavern (Vendors & Kiosks)

1.3km from the Lake

Deluxe Car Camping

$90 taxes included + service charge

5 minutes from the stages

8 minutes from the Viking Tavern (food vendors & kiosks)

12 minutes from the lake

**All times denote walking distance**

Please Note - $40 Early Entry fee applies to anyone arriving on site between 10am

Thursday July 18th and 10am Friday July 19th