We at Valhalla Sound Circus strongly believe that the best way to truly experience a festival is to be a part of it, living every moment of this annual celebration side by side with fellow Valhallians who share the same love, support, and enthusiasm for Valhalla as you do.

This remarkable community was built over many suns and moons, and strengthens with every edition, reinforcing our shared commitment to family values such as mutual respect, acceptance, and unity. Everyone contributes to creating an environment where each other’s safety and well-being is a priority, while also enjoying the unique, fun, and friendly space that forms when we all come together to make some magic.

Sleeping under the stars, finding warmth in the wilderness, at Valhalla you can be many things, but you’ll never be alone.

Wild Camping

Wild camping is already included with the purchase of your VSC 2018 ticket, so there aren’t any extra charges for camping upon your arrival at Valhalla. Wild camping allows you to roam free within Valhalla’s limits and to set up camp in whichever environment you like: whether it’s amongst the masses of fellow warriors, tucked away inside the shaded tranquility of the forest, or somewhere in between, there’s never any shortage of space or adventure when it comes to wild camping!


Car Camping

Car camping allows you the convenience of having your vehicle on site beside your camp, giving you a safe place to store any valuables, or simply to power/recharge appliances. Camping with your car does have its benefits, but using it for transportation on, or around, the festival grounds is, sadly, not one of them. Once everyone is all settled in for the weekend, no one’s tent is moving, and neither is your car!  

Car camping is NOT included in the price of your VSC 2018 ticket, this option will cost an additional 80$.

Car Camps are limited and will be allocated on a «first come, first serve» basis.





Let's have fun together.

  • Respect your neighbours
  • Clean & maintain your campsite everyday (don’t wait until the last day, garbage WILL attract animals!)
  • No open flames or fires are permitted
  • No excessively loud noises after midnight (ex: sound systems, horns, bells etc… The action is happening elsewhere anyways, let the sleepyheads sleep!)
  • Car engines must remain off at all times (only turn on to “battery” to recharge or power an appliance)

  • Please be considerate when setting up your campsite (don’t hog all the space, please leave some room for your neighbours to set up camp, be mindful of cords and tent pegs that may trip your fellow warriors at night)
  • Please be mindful of your tent size (you don’t need a 10 person tent if there’s only going to be 2 people in it)

Repeatedly breaking these rules may lead to expulsion from the festival, which works against our goal of fostering a community environment. Let’s work together to ensure a safe, clean, and fun Valhalla for all!